ICONIC researchers present at the 21st Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

ICONIC researchers present at the 21st Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

30th April 2018

By Monali Dahale and Geoffrey Neale


Two ICONIC members of the research group at Ulster University, Monali Dahale (ESR 3) and Geoffrey Neale (ICONIC affiliated PhD student), recently competed in the 21st Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium. This year’s event was hosted by University College Dublin on 25-26th April at their Bellfield Campus in Dublin.

The annual symposium was established in 1997 under the auspices of Engineers Ireland and the Council of Professors of Mechanical Engineering in Irish Universities. The event pays tribute to Sir Bernard Crossland’s interest in education and research in Mechanical Engineering and recognises the importance of design and manufacture in Engineering practice.

The Symposium programme allowed for oral presentations from PhD students accompanied by either a poster or research paper. The event this year was well attended with participants from all the main Irish Universities, and in particular a great showing from both Ulster University and Queen’s University Belfast, both ICONIC partner institutions.

Monali Dahale presented her work in the form of a poster and short 5-minute presentation entitled “Manufacturing case study of architectural and weft density change in 3D woven layer-to-layer textile preforms”. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Neale gave a 20-minute presentation on his paper entitled “Effective Triggering of Omega-Shaped 3D Woven Composite Components for Progressive Crush Initiation”. Both presentations stimulated significant interest in the ICONIC ITN and how our individual projects fit into the wider aim of the project.

Geoffrey Neale managed to walk away with the 3rd prize in the paper competition for his paper, which was supported by his supervisor Professor Eileen Harkin-Jones.

The next instalment of the event will be hosted at Ulster University in the spring of 2019.


Learn more about Monali Dahale’s activities here. To find out about Geoffrey Neale’s work in ICONIC, please follow this link.