Early Stage Researchers

ESR 14: Structural testing of composite crash structures

Iman Babaei

Project: Structural testing of composite crash structures

Nationality: Iranian

Host Institution: CRF


  • Vito Guido Lambertini (CRF)
  • Ranieri Lupicini (CRF)
  • Lucio Cascone (CRF)
  • Erasmo Carrera (POLITO)
  • Giovanni Belingardi (POLITO)
  • Davide Paolino (POLITO)
  • Brian Falzon (QUB)

Start Date: 2 October 2017

PhD Status: Enrolled at POLITO


  • UU (3 weeks, Host: Alistair McIlhagger)
  • QUB (4 weeks, Hosts: Brian Falzon, Giuseppe Catalanotti)

Work Package: 5

Email: iman.babaei@crf.it

Professional Experience

Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A., Turin, Italy

Position: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Stage Researcher

  • - Project title: Structural testing of composite crash structures
10/2017 - present


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
  • - Project title: Structural testing of composite crash structures
2017 - present

Louvain School of Engineering, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain, Belgium
  • Second part of Master of Science, Functional Advanced Materials Engineering (FAME Master)
  • - Master thesis: Synergistic effect between phenoxy and CNTs on the delamination toughness of modified epoxy based composites (work conducted at Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences)
  • - Synthesis of model blends of epoxy, phenoxy and carbon nanotubes
  • - Mechanical tests like SENB and DMA
  • - Observation of morphologies by TEM, SEM and optical microscopy
  • - Testing the effects on gelation time and glass transition temperature
  • - Making composites with aligned carbon fibres
  • - Main subjects of study: Polymer science and engineering, Physics of nanostructures, Polymer matrix composites
2015 - 2016

Department of Physics, Augsburg University, Augsburg, Germany
  • First part of Master of Science, Functional Advanced Materials Engineering (FAME Master)
  • - Main subjects of study: Advanced characterisation techniques, Physics and chemistry of materials, Functionalized materials: polymers, composites, semiconductors
2014 - 2015

Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering
  • - Bachelor thesis: Extraction of palladium and silver from used catalysts
  • - Selective dissolution of one metal over another
  • - Figuring of the best conditions, time, temperature, concentration, etc.
  • - Main subjects of study: Mechanical, physical and chemical behaviour of different materials, Materials synthesis, elaboration and processing (metals, polymers, ceramics), Materials selection, modelling, and engineering graphics
2010 - 2014

Research Interests

Due to my background in Materials Engineering, I am interested in all aspects of materials science and engineering. More specifically, I am interested in composites because of their potential to show new behaviours and advantages that have never been seen before in other materials. Composites and their applications in transportation industry, which will result in less fuel consumption and thus a greener world, are appealing to me, and I would like to spend my future career in this field.



Promotion of ICONIC work at POLITO


I presented my ICONIC research work during the workshop on “Advanced Materials for High Growth Industries” at Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) on 3-4th October 2018, organised by the Italian Chapter of the American Ceramic Society and the CoACH ETN project to bring together companies and researchers that are innovating on advanced materials.

Also, I presented my research to the faculty and researchers of DIMEAS (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) at POLITO, as a part of the first year assessment for the PhD students, on 8th October 2018.

Workshop on micromechanics, modelling and failure of composite in Turin (Italy)


Together with ESR 13 Ravin Garg and ESR 15 Manish Hassan Nagaraj, I wrote a blog about our participation in a workshop on micromechanics, modelling and failure of composite on 15th December 2017 at the splendid Salone d’Onore of Castello del Valentine, Turin (Italy). The workshop was organised under the scope of a joint project between Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) and Purdue University (USA), titled “Joint Project for the Internationalization of Research” (INTE).