Early Stage Researchers

ESR 12: Multidisciplinary material and process optimisation for crashworthiness

Sachin Francis

Project: Multidisciplinary material and process optimisation for crashworthiness

Nationality: Indian

Host Institution: SICOMP


  • Christopher Cameron (SICOMP)
  • Gaurav Vyas (SICOMP)
  • Mohammad Rouhi (SICOMP)
  • Maciej Wysocki (RISE, formerly at SICOMP)
  • Mark Price (QUB)

Start Date: 1 September 2017

PhD Status: Enrolled at CHALMERS


  • CRF (4 weeks, Host: Lucio Cascone)
  • QUB (tbd, Host: Peter Martin)

Work Package: 5

Email: sachin.francis@ri.se

Professional Experience

RISE SICOMP, Mölndal, Sweden

Position: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Stage Researcher

  • - Project title: Multidisciplinary material and process optimisation for crashworthiness
09/2017 - present

Jules Dock Composites, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Position: Student Intern

  • - Design of joints for composite wind turbine towers
05/2016 - 7/2016


Department of Industrial and Material Science, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Ph.D., Solid and Structural Mechanics
  • - Project title: Multidisciplinary material and process optimisation for crashworthiness
  • - Developing optimisation framework for improving energy absorption properties of composite materials
  • - Obtaining optimised material properties and reducing the process induced effects to improve crashworthiness properties of composite crash structures
2017 - present

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
  • Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering
  • - Master studies focussed on design and analysis of lightweight material for aerospace applications
  • - Master thesis: Optimisation of automotive structure using variable stiffness laminates
  • - Optimised an automotive structure with variable stiffness laminates (or steered fibre laminate) to improve its strength and stiffness properties as compared to a design based conventional laminate design (e.g., UD laminate based design)
  • - Used a gradient based optimisation method together with 2D FEM analysis for generating variable stiffness laminate based designs
2014 - 2017

Faculty of Aircraft Design, National Aerospace University (Kharkiv Aviation Institute), Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
  • - Bachelor thesis: Conceptual design of long range business jet aircraft
2009 - 2013

Research Interests

My research interest is in the design, analysis and optimisation of structures. During my Master thesis, I had the opportunity to work on optimisation of composite materials, and found this particular field very interesting. ICONIC is very closely related to my research interest and previous research experience. The highly dynamic nature of crash scenarios, coupled with the anisotropic nature of the composite material, makes my research work in ICONIC a challenging and interesting project; the aim is to develop a crash structure that is optimised for crashworthiness and can be manufactured.


Conference paper

S. Francis, C. Cameron, M. Wysocki Characterization of Tearing energy absorption of thin-ply based discontinuous composites, CompTest 2019, 9th International conference on composite testing and model identification, Luleå, Sweden, 27-29th May 2019 (Oral Presentation)


Promotion of ICONIC and the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA programme at the DRaF symposium


During my secondment at Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. in Pomigliano d’Arco (Italy), I attended the International Symposium on Dynamic Response and Failure of Composite Materials (DRaF) on 12-15th June 2018 in Ischia. During the interesting symposium, I interacted with the attendees and presenters, and promoted my ICONIC research work and the EU Horizon 2020 MSCA programme.