2nd ICONIC Summer School and 4th ICONIC Project Meeting in Belfast

12th September 2018

By Sascha Serno

  All 15 ICONIC ESRs and two affiliated PhD students participated in the 2nd ICONIC Summer School at the impressive Graduate School of Queen’s University Belfast on 27-29th August 2018....

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When state-of-the-art meets the classics – ECCM18 in Athens

5th July 2018

By Denis Dalli

  My name is Denis Dalli and I am an ICONIC-affiliated PhD student based at Queen’s University Belfast. The 18th edition of the European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM18), held...

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An ICONIC ESR attending ECCM18

By Bharath Ravindran

  I am Bharath Ravindran, ICONIC ESR 2 hosted at the University of Patras. Currently working in the first year of my doctoral studies, I attended the 18th European Conference...

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3rd ICONIC Project Meeting on 3-4th May 2018 in Berlin

9th May 2018

By Sascha Serno

  The ICONIC consortium came together once again to discuss the progress in our ITN. Ths time around, we met on 3-4th May 2018 for the 3rd ICONIC Project Meeting...

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Promotion of ICONIC ITN and EU Horizon 2020 MSCA initiative in India

11th April 2018

By Monali Dahale

My name is Monali Dahale and I am one of the ICONIC Early Stage Researchers, based at Ulster University in Belfast (UK). I travelled to my home country India in...

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Promotion of ICONIC ITN and EU Horizon 2020 MSCA programme in Trinidad and Tobago

10th January 2018

By Geoffrey Neale

  My name is Geoffrey Neale and I am an ICONIC affiliated PhD student based at Ulster University in Belfast (UK). I travelled to my home country of Trinidad and...

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Workshop on micromechanics, modelling and failure of composite in Turin (Italy)

8th January 2018

By Manish Hassan Nagaraj, Ravin Garg and Iman Babaei

  We are three of the 15 ICONIC ESRs, Manish Hassan Nagaraj (ESR 15 hosted at Politecnico di Torino – POLITO), Ravin Garg (ESR 13 hosted at Centro Ricerche Fiat...

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An ESR travelling to the FiBreMoD autumn school in Paris

3rd November 2017

By Luís Filipe Tavares Portela Vasques Varandas

In October 2017 I was able to escape the windy Northern Ireland weather to attend an autumn school in Paris (France), provided by another Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network...

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Breaking the Wall of Crash Protection in Lightweight Vehicles at the 1st MSCA Falling Walls Lab in Brussels

30th October 2017

By Jazib Hassan

‘I am proud that the EU’s Marie Skłowdowska – Curie Actions (MSCA) have funded more than 100,000 fellows so far.  This is a great achievement for our programme which trains...

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Travelling to sunny Greece for the 1st ICONIC Summer School and 2nd ICONIC Project Meeting

21st September 2017

By Sascha Serno

In early September 2017, twelve of our 18 ICONIC ESRs and affiliated PhD students, ICONIC Coordinator Professor Brian G. Falzon, ICONIC supervisors Dr. Peter Martin and Dr. Giuseppe Catalanotti, and...

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1st ICONIC Project Meeting at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), 4-5th May 2017

22nd May 2017

By Sascha Serno

We recently ran our 1st ICONIC Project Meeting at Politecnico di Torino in central Turin (Italy) from 4-5th May 2017. This meeting followed on a workshop on 2nd May and...

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