An ICONIC ESR attending ECCM18

An ICONIC ESR attending ECCM18

5th July 2018

By Bharath Ravindran


I am Bharath Ravindran, ICONIC ESR 2 hosted at the University of Patras. Currently working in the first year of my doctoral studies, I attended the 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM18), which was organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of the University of Patras, under the patronage of the European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM) on 24-28th June 2018 in Athens (Greece). Since 1985, ECCM conducts this conference series with a wide scope of technical topics in composite materials research. Thus, it attracts internationally renowned scientists, engineers and designers, both from academic and industry.

ECCM18 was the first conference that I have attended, therefore I was not sure what to expect. I was excited to meet people with the passion for improving applications of composite materials and promoting inclusivity within engineering. The conference began on 25th June 2018 with the Welcome speech by Prof. Vassilis Kostopoulos. Following his speech, Dr. Karl Schulte gave a lecture on “Composite materials – where we are and where to go” which was a very interesting presentation on possible future implementations of composites.  In midst, we had short coffee and lunch breaks, which provided the opportunity to get to know some other delegates.

The second day started with a plenary lecture on “Challenges and opportunities for composite materials transitions in aerospace”, presented by Dr. Thomas K Tsotsis from Boeing (one of my favorite presentation). During the lecture, the speaker discussed the manufacturing of composites and challenges. This was followed by the technical presentation and poster session, during which I presented my work in the form of a poster presentation entitled “Experimental characterization of satin weave composite material at high strain rate using Split Hopkinson Bar testing”. During the poster session, I had many interesting discussions with delegates from both academic and industry who shared experiences and ideas about high strain rate characterisation. The day finished with a PhD student event to support the students in building up their network.

The third day started with a plenary lecture by Mr. Jelle Bloemhoff from Airbus Operation in Germany, addressing the evolution in composite manufacturing technology and improvements to the efficiency of the industrial process. This was followed by technical presentation and poster sessions. To finish the day, we had a gala dinner at Ble Azure. The atmosphere and Greek cuisine was excellent; especially the Greek music and dancing was superb.

The conference ended on 28th June 2018 with a plenary lecture on “Nano carbon-based functional composites” presented by Prof. Tsu-Wei Chou, followed by technical presentations in different themes. The day ended by announcing the ESCM award and a plenary lecture by the recipient of the ESCM award, followed by announcing the best conference poster.

Overall, attending my first conference was an amazing experience. While all the lectures and sessions were impressive and a great learning experience, there are so many important takeaways from the conference for my own work.


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